Hybrid Vehicle Battery Swap

Afraid you’ll be looking at huge bills when your hybrid vehicle’s battery goes bad? Not anymore. At Hybrid Battery Swap, we can recondition most hybrid cars’ batteries so they work as good as new. Even if your original battery is beyond repair, we can replace it with a reconditioned original battery from your car’s maker.

Battery Cell Balancing Process

First, we level all the modules to a common state of charge (the resetting process). After we reset them, we subject the modules to an automated CBP with the charging currents tapering down as they approach the end-of-charge voltage.

The cell balancing process (CBP), also called "reconditioning," is a five-step process. We:


Extract the battery pack

Remove the high-voltage cable

Connect the modules in parallel to a charge-discharge system

Quickly identify and switch out high-resistance modules

Subject the modules to deep, split-current cycling (the CBP)

Cell balancing must occur with the modules in parallel because we cannot control individual module voltages when they are connected in a series.

Condition Based Warranty

We offer our customers a warranty based on the condition of their battery cells. As soon as we finish the reconditioning process, we extract a summary report from the computer that calibrates the reconditioning. That report tells us the quality grade of the battery’s cells. Each grade qualifies for a certain length of warranty.
Here’s the rundown:

Grade A Cells
18 Months Warranty

Grade B Cells
12 Months Warranty

Grade C Cells
6 Months Warranty

Grade D Cells
45 Days Warranty

Grade E Cells
30 Days Warranty