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Hybrid Vehicle Battery Swap

Afraid you’ll be looking at huge bills when your hybrid vehicle’s battery goes bad? Not anymore. At Hybrid Battery Swap, we can recondition most hybrid cars’ batteries so they work as good as new. Even if your original battery is beyond repair, we can replace it with a reconditioned original battery from your car’s maker.

How Battery Problems Start

Your hybrid vehicle’s battery pack contains anywhere from 28 to 40 nickel metal hydride (NiMH) modules assembled in a series. These modules each contain six individual 1.2-volt cells (about the size of a D flashlight battery) made of the same material, also assembled in a series.

Since your car uses these modules to assist power production, their depth of discharge is shallow—less than 10 percent. That causes the unused electrode material to develop a resistive barrier. That reduces its amp-hour capacity. Called the memory effect, it causes the modules to become out of balance with the others.

NiMH batteries discharge more when not in use. After about a week of not being used, a fully charged NiMH battery will have lost about 20 percent of its charge.

Even at $400, all of our batteries have warranty on them. We do extenstive testing on the batteries before installing in your car so the battery lasts even more than the warranty period.

Price for a battery is very crucial as Dealer charges are sky high. We provide you with affordable solutions. We provide multiple solutions so you can select the plan that suits you the best.

To save you more any trouble, we test all of our batteries extensively so it can last long so you do need to go to the mechanic very often.

We care about you and your car, that's why we use only genuine batteries and product so no harm could be caused to your vehicle and its life.

Out of Balance

The driving cycle of your HEV battery modules allows a shallow discharge that only utilizes about ten percent of the battery's capacity. The unused material in the electrodes becomes separated electronically, making it unavailable over time. This module-to-module variation of the battery's amp-hour (Ah) capacity, called "reversible failure mode," causes the battery pack to become out of balance. You may also hear this called the "memory effect."